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                                                Blue Light Blocking Contact Lens Reduces Harmful Blue-Violet 

                                             or High Energy Visible (HEV) Wavelengths

                                                Aesthetic, Affordable, Comfortable

Welcome to Argos Vision

Argos Vision has developed a technology platform to permanently dye the vision zone (pupil and iris) of the contact lenses.  The lenses look more aesthetic and the processes produce minimal liquid waste and are easy to implement in mass production.  The first mature product is a blue light blocking contact lens with the reduction of light intensity in the vision zone only.  Other products, such as for color blindness, sport enhancement, and migraine are under development.

Concerns with Blue Light and Blue Light Blocking Contact Lenses

Aesthetic Consideration

Blue light appears in wavelength 400 - 500 nm and in order to reduce the intensity, the lens appears yellow.  Wearing such contact lens results in apparent yellow color beyond wearer's iris (white area of the sclera)

Macular Degeneration

High Energy Visible Blue-Violet Light (400 - 450 nm) has been indicated as one of the risk factors leading to AMD (Aged-Related Macular Degeneration)

Dyeing and Liquid Waste

Conventional contact lens fabrication methods make the whole lens yellow.  Colored liquid waste generated after the manufacturing raises the cost of producing the lens

Market Potential

Aged-Related Macular Degeneration

AMD worldwide prevalence is estimated 196 million in 2020, and as many as 11 million people in United States have some forms of AMD, and estimated $255 billion in direct healthcare cost**.  Awareness of AMD has been raised worldwide in recent years

**AMD: Facts & Figures, BrightFocus Foundation, January 5, 2016

Contact Lens

  • Worldwide contact lens market is estimated $7.6 billion in 2014*
  • Sun glasses and Intraocular lenses with the blue light blocking function are popular, but very few contact lenses with blue light blocking are available. 
  • Currently, no central tinted (pupil and iris area only) contact lens is available on the market

        *Contact Lens Spectrum, January 1, 2015, by Jason Nichols

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