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Our Technology

Focus on daily disposable contact lenses

With our proprietary process, we are able to produce tinted vision zone, low leachable, low cost, environmentally friendly (low waste dye discharge), and safe contact lenses.

Patent Application: Methods of Forming Contact Lenses to Reduce the Transmittance of Light (U.S. Patent Application No. 16/160,917)  

A lens with a blue light blocking dye covering the whole lens

A lens with a blue light blocking dye in the central vision zone only

Our product

Argos Vision has developed a tinting process to allow FDA approved reactive dyes covalently bonded on the central region (pupil/iris only) of the contact lens.

The blue light of 400-450 nanometer wavelength is partially absorbed to reduce the harmful HEV intensity.

Other promising products

Argos Vision's technology platform has also been implemented for the products related to patients with color blindness and migraine.  All the dyes or the mixtures of dyes are FDA approved reactive dyes.  The products cover the lens formulations of Silicone hydrogel and 55% HEMA, i.e. poly-(2-hydroxylethyl methacrylate)

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